Local inventor creates ‘Jamaican US Robot’

Penwood Road 'scientist' Dwayne Henry has been turning heads once more with another of his inventions.

'Jamaican US Robot' is made from plastic and other materials and Henry, who is known in his Kingston 11 community as 'The Inventor', said he has invested all of his live savings, approximately $80,000, into building his robot.

"Right now mi nuh really live anywhere and mi want mi mother to live in a big, comfortable house. Is really outside mi live, because the space is not there for all of us," he said. "Mi do little work and save up and mi invest all of it into it (the robot); and mi know some people will think it's a waste of money. But mi have to believe in myself first and mi confident say it a go be mi and mi madda meal ticket from poor life."


Henry, 31, said the Jamaican US Robot took him little over two months to complete and stated that the process involved him watching and reading scientific material.


"Mi can walk and its arms can move up and down. Mi can control its movements and when mi watch a lot of programme, mi see say is not a lot of scientists could make them robot walk. But mi never give up until mi see it happen," he said. "It can be used as a air conditioner as well, because all you need to do is just buy some 'bag ice' and attach it to it, and once the fan blow, it cool down the place like a AC. There is also a hand sanitiser machine on it, too, plus it play boom box."

Henry said he is hoping that very soon he will be able to rent the robot for parties and other entertainment events, but for now, he is just basking in the attention that he has been receiving while making other additions to it.


"When mi touch di road with it, every car stop a mi foot. Nuff time dem ask mi what mi still in a di ghetto a do. The police dem always stop an give me words of encouragement and tell mi not to give up on mi dreams. The children dem follow mi up and down the road when mi take it out, and that is like an accomplishment for mi because mi like see when children happy," he said.

Henry was first featured in PEPA in May. He makes gadgets from materials that he gathers at the Riverton City dump. One of his most creative pieces is a multipurpose boom box shaped like a guitar.

"Mi is a ghetto youth and mi very poor, but mi waan encourage every other likkle yute with a dream to just follow theirs. Mi will never give up on mine, because mi waan make it in a life to also show dem say greatness come from any address," he said.



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