watch the Jamaican high school movie that everyone is taliking about. stay tuned to this website and prepare for part 2

Tekesha is the prominent hot gal in High School.... she is dating Joe who is the Gallist in real life. Tekesha will do anything to please joe or protect their relationship...even running a 'battery. look into the lives of some unique characters within a high School settings and experience the consequence of their actions. The main idea of this movie is to highlight certain events that occurs in a student’s life in high school, events that affect their personal well-being, their friends and family as well a the consequence that’s comes with their choices whether good or bad. It is a teaching tool for students to know the dos and don’ts in a certain situation. also for parents to know what goes on in the secret life of their children and how to approach the situation. This film is about the truth..... the truth that many refuse to believe, but it’s out there and happening to our students. filmed at portmore community college (PCC)

BlaQ Topaz
I feel bad for Shieka because I was like her in high school. Had this movie came out when I was in school, things that I did could've been avoided. I'm gonna make sure my kids watch this when they're old enough. Also, I'm sorry Paul went to prison.
Latty Pozzitiv
Even tho they warned her I still think they shouldn't have abandoned her but who can't hear must feel ...God help us and guide those teenagers and college students out there teachers have spoken to us ever since I was attending school from a child and I've seen alot come through, one I'll never forget is word to the wise is sufficient by my 8th grade science teacher....only God knows
Latty Pozzitiv
Anyone who made this ratings...
Shacaria Bailey
I love this movie because it teaches the kids a lot of things
There are still ways to teach children life lessons without abandoning them.
I feel bad for the Dad, he's a softie but you don't have to abandon your pregnant daughter that wiido her no good
Am hoping that girl didn't drown,but why didn't she just sit in the sand
Kimeecka Edwards
My sister is a tennager and I always tell her to watch this movie
Tajhani Brown
That's a lesson to all high and college school students
Lisie Jean
bruh the a- part got me dying
Lisie Jean
nooooooooooooooooooooooooo gun haaa i swear i will never have a boy i will wait till im 40 or 30
Maya Edwards
It thought me a lot I love this movie dearly and in the end everyone truly faced there consques
Joe cute but him shouldn't do that to sheiks .so u mek a girl kill herself so u get gunnariyah?????????
Cam Smith
Ja ja Jamaica ??
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