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Descriptive essay means describing the topic in detail. In expository essays, new ideas are created and presented.

Essays are a presentation of the factual information which describes the topic in a written format. There are four common ways of writing essays that can help people to understand the topic in an effective manner which are narrative, descriptive, expository and argumentative.  Descriptive essay means describing the topic in detail. In expository essays, new ideas are created and presented. Argumentative essays must have several arguments that counter points the argument that the writer is against.  Narrative essay is a narration of the personal experience or view point regarding a particular topic.

To start with, beginners must go for descriptive essay help and then narrative, expository and augmentative in a sequential manner. Before starting the essay, choose a topic which you can understand and interpret clearly. This requires adequate research. Always study and research from authentic sources to understand the significance of the study. Use and frame easy sentences so that readers can understand in one go. Do not make complex writing and keep it simple. Try not to repeat three words in the same sequence.

Make catchy headings which would attract the reader for reading it. It is advised not to copy idea of others and put their own ideas which requires ample knowledge over the topic.

Structure the essay into three parts, introduction, discussion and conclusion. Introduce the readers with the topic in the introductory section. In the last part of introduction, clearly indicate what you want to achieve or aims of the paper. Break the discussion section into sub sections. Give sub-headings that are short and appealing.

In each subsection, give a new perspective or content. Reputation of ideas would the essay boring. Always put your own ideas into writing which can be developed by reading. Include a conclusion in the end of essay. The conclusion should conclude the main points and how far are the aims attained. It must reflect on what has been studied through the paper.

Recommendations are commendable as it shows the efficiency level of the writer. Add a reference list in the end which is not included in the word count. Cite only from authentic websites and it is preference not to site very common facts or references.

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