Pepa Social Network Rules

These are the rules to follow while on PEPA Social network for a happy & safe experience for everyone

01. Spamming on timeline
Repeating the same post on the timeline is considered spamming and so is typing random letters. Even tho this is a easy way to earn points its also a easy way to get ban. This breaks the social experience of other users. The aim is to social and earn while doing so. Not to annoy other users with meaninless posts.

02. Spamming in comments
typing random letters in the comments section on every post for quick points is also a violation

03. Promotion of other websites
Promotion of other money making website is strickly prohibited. These post will be deleted automatically and no points will be awarded. However or websites links are allowed.

04 Fake profiles and affiliates
Users try to generate fake accounts to sign up as their own affiliates for quick points but that is the quickest way to get you banned. Lets do this the legal way.

05. Faceless profiles
For the assurance of other users please use a profile photo. Users feel safe when they can see who there are communicating with. Profiles without photo can be considered inactive and will be deleted after 7 days.

06. Pornography
Posting of pornographic or nude content is not allowed.

02. Hatespeech
In regards to racism, religion and sexual orientation, it is highly recommended to refrain from using hate speech.

Other rules will be added as they develope.
Violation of these rules could result in account suspension of
7 days: 1st offence
1 week: 2nd offence
1 month: 3rd offence
Or permanent ban.



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