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How to earn cash on Pepa Social Network

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Point system 
For each social interaction you make on this site you are awarded points. Every 1000 points is equal to 1US dollar. Which you can withdraw at a minimal of $10.

Point rewards
likes======  1 points
Commets==  3 points
Post =====  5 points
Blogs=====10 points

Point and post limits
free users are limited to 500 points per day while pro users are limited to 1000 points per day
Post are limited to 5 posts per hour, to keep the newsfeed active witha wide variety of post. not just repeat post from 1 user.

Affiliates System

For each user you invite with your affiliate link, $0.01 is awarded.

this is added to your points award for a quick withdrawal.

in order for you to withdraw your affiliates must be active.

we wont pay for inactive users, we will accept user that makes up to 1 post or atleast a profile picture.

occasionally profiles without pics will get deleted to avoid scammers, the inactives will be deleted in this set. #Spammers will also get deleted for posting random letters or numbers on the timeline or in the comment section. 

before your witdrawal we will manually check your afilliates, inactives deleted spammers will be subtracted. 

for a successful witdrawal a copy of a identity card showing your name and face is required to prove who you are, passport is also accepted.

withdrawal must be made before the end of the current month. payout will be processed 25 days later on the 25th of the following month.

Do not create fake accounts with fake emails or fake ip addresses, our system will detect this  your account will be frozen. then you will be banned permanently after investigation!!

this is not a get rich quick scheme


update Aug 29,2020

we have a serious issue of inactive users over 500. admin will have to go through all of these and determine who is inactive and who are scammers. it is important as #scammers make fake account to get a quick payout. all #faceless profiles will get delete. please put up a profile pic for the safety of your account.
for those who have sent in a payment request we will have to deal with it manually so i will be going through it person by person. #inactives will be subtracted.
#withdrawal close by august 31st. payment sept 25th. all investigation and #payouts will be public.




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Aldrin Baladjay 4 months ago

Can i ask a help please? My account has no withdrawal button. How can i withdraw if i reach he minimum withdrawal? Please help me thanks.

Mary Jay 4 months ago

copy po

Yosh Rey 5 months ago

ok po

Jazzel Contreras 5 months ago

Legit po ito?

corie banal 5 months ago


yannah belmoro 5 months ago

is this Legit 😅😅😅

Dannylyn Esmenda 5 months ago

Hope it's legit

Rowela Capundag 5 months ago

Following ❤️ Hopefully you have ip detector cause my invites is not fake at all 🤣

rlovely2428 5 months ago

legit po ba ito

Feliciano Bognot 5 months ago

pwde paassit d n gumgalaw points ko