Social Network Scammer!

What happens when a talented web developer goes bad?

He tries to destroy everything!!!

Meet Cesar Beltram, founder of Nettifriends. 


I met cesar on a site while promoting pepa social network. He offer to sell me nettifriend a customized wowonder script , it eas a nice website but not exactly what i want. He wanted $1200 plus he would work for me for $50 monthly.

Its a nice offer but a bit pricey since i already have my own website. We came to a deal that i would pay him $50 per month and he would customize pepa in stages.

He even convince me to leave my server @ipage and join him on hostinger and we would split the cost by using a shared server. sounds like a good deal at the time. this guys constanly change server password so i basically leave the maintainance and updtes to him while i market the website.

Things went well for 3 months... i normally paid him on the 25th just as i paid everybody else. I even sent him money in between payments because he wasnt doing well in the covid lockdown in phillipines. If he wanted to buy a domain but have no cash i would also send the money and i never ask for payment or took it from his pay because i really like this guy. I even call him bro.

examples of payments sent to cesar

On june 25th i had a lot of payout to manage plus i had to aquire all the funds to do the payout i was busy dealing with the users who were active and was expecting pay. I paid all users who sent requests.

My nephew's funeral was on the 26th plus cesar had a virtual graduation to host for his school.  He even ask me to make him a intro video which I did for free. so we both had a busy weekend

After the payouts I had had cesars money in my paypal account i just didnt get around to send it. But we talk on messenger everyday he could have reminded me. Instead he shut down the entire website.

He deleted the entire database because he didnt get his $50 on time. 2 days late to be exact. He blocked me from messenger and block me from his website so i could not get intouch with him for a while. 

Until i get in touch with his school then he help my domain hostage and left a meassge so all could see that i was the bad guy. I couldnt even use my own domain.

This is the message he sent me after he unblocked me on facebook. his big explaination

This has cost me a lot of users and put many of my developers account in jepardy because they point to a website that doesnt exist. (Pepa didnt exist anymore)

One month later the website is back in operation under a new domain . Mainly because the users are requesting it and immediatly the users find their way here.

things are alost back to normal them suddely i keep getting a lot of pornographic posts.... which is againts our user policy, these were deleted. then since that doesnt work the user starts to state that pepa scammed him $50 , now i realize its my good friend cesar!

Now Cesar is attacking the site again! dont this guy ever gives up???


Cesar if you are reading this at any point ...pormography cannot shut down my site. if you miss your job you can always reaply. with certain restriction of course. We dont hold grudges over here. or you can use the time to promote Nettifriend ok Bro?



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