About Pepa Social Network 3.0 Share, Discover, Earn $$$

Pepa Social network

a Social platform similar to instagram or facebook, the major difference is that your profile is instantly monitized!

This network was founded by Renon Samuels in Portmore Jamaica as a Jamaican network for promotors & entertainers in Jamaican to network directly with fans or propective employers. The aim was to also to promote careers and events.

PEPA can be accessed from devices with Internet connectivity, such as computers, tablets and smartphones and even smart Tvs.

After registering, users can create a profile revealing information about themselves. They can post text, photos and multimedia which is shared with any other users that have agreed to "follow" them. Users can change their privacy settings wheter you want to keep your info public to all users or private with only users you choose.

Users can join common-interest groups, buy in the market, read articles in the blog section, make pages or even find a date in our dating page.

The founder initially limited Pepa to Jamaica and USA however it quickly became a hit in eastern countries such as Phillipines, Indonesia, Bangladash, Pakistan and a few users from Africa and Brazil

What makes Pepa Social network unique is our reward system. we reward our users for any social interaction such as posting, commenting, reacting and also inviting other users. And we are constantly developing new ways to earn.


We have developed our own online currency call #Pepacoins that converts to cash 1,000 #Pepacoins is valued @ US$1 this is done through system where coins are earn for each social interaction or contest hosted on the site through our daily rewards page. you can check your #pepacoins balnace at anytime via profile page or settings and withdraw at 10,000 #Pepacoins (US$10)

Unlike other social networks we share our advertisement revenue with our users through #pepacoins. We currently pay through paypal internationally and mycash in Jamaica.

Check your friends profile to see their earning or See your position on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is the 100 users based on #Pepacoins

Users can send #Pepacoins to each other go ahead ask your friends for #pepacoins for a quicker withdrawal.

Rewards 1 #pepacoins for reactions 2 #pepacoins for comments 5 #pepacoins for posts 10 #pepacoins for blogs 100 #pepacoins for daily reward winner

Pepacoin and post limits free users are limited to 300 pepacoins per day while pro users are limited to 600 pepacoins per day Post are limited to 3 posts per hour

Affiliates System Due to constant abuse of this system. Its availability will be at admins discression

For each user you invite with your affiliate link, #pepacoins is awarded.
in order for you to withdraw your affiliates must be active. we wont pay for inactive users, we will accept user that makes up to 1 post or atleast a profile picture.
occasionally profiles without pics will get deleted to avoid scammers, the inactives will be deleted in this set.

#Spammers will also get deleted for posting random letters or numbers or sending quick money scheme links on the timeline or in the comment section.

before your witdrawal we will manually check your afilliates, inactives and deleted spammers will be subtracted.

for a successful witdrawal a copy of a identity card showing your name and face is required to prove who you are, passport is also accepted.

withdrawal must be made before the end of the current month. payout will be processed 25 days later on the 25th of the following month.

Do not create fake accounts with fake emails or fake ip addresses, our system will detect this your account will be frozen. then you will be banned permanently after investigation!! this is not a get rich quick scheme

update Aug 29,2020 we have a serious issue of inactive users over 3000. admin will have to go through all of these and determine who is inactive and who are scammers. it is important as #scammers make fake account to get a quick payout. all #faceless profiles will get delete. please put up a profile pic for the safety of your account.

for those who have sent in a payment request we will have to deal with it manually so i will be going through it person by person. #inactives will be subtracted. all investigation and #payouts will be public. erasing all doubts.


01. Spamming on timeline Repeating the same post on the timeline is considered spamming and so is typing random letters. Even tho this is a easy way to earn points its also a easy way to get ban. This breaks the social experience of other users. The aim is to social and earn while doing so. Not to annoy other users with meaninless posts.

02. Spamming in comments typing random letters in the comments section on every post for quick points is also a violation

03. Promotion of other websites Promotion of other money making website is strickly prohibited. These post will be deleted automatically and no points will be awarded. However or websites links are allowed.

04 Fake profiles and affiliates Users try to generate fake accounts to sign up as their own affiliates for quick points but that is the quickest way to get you banned. Lets do this the legal way.

05. Faceless profiles For the assurance of other users please use a profile photo. Users feel safe when they can see who there are communicating with. Profiles without photo can be considered inactive and will be deleted after 7 days.

06. Pornography Posting of pornographic or nude content is not allowed.

02. Hatespeech In regards to racism, religion and sexual orientation, it is highly recommended to refrain from using hate speech.

Other rules will be added as they develope. Violation of these rules could result in account suspension of 7 days: 1st offence 1 week: 2nd offence 1 month: 3rd offence Or permanent ban.